Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have never had much patience. It is always something that I have known that I need to work on. There are times when I have a lot more then usual, but that is normally a result of one of the kids being sick.

I obviously still need to work on it.

It was clear today that I REALLY need to work on it when I finally broke and took a puzzle away from L that we were working on together. Maybe it was above his level. The age on it was 3-7 years. So it really could have been too hard for him.

I was trying to get him to work on doing the boarder. It is only a 25 piece puzzle, so the vast majority of the pieces had the smooth boarder edge, but L refused to pick up a single on of them. Then I tried doing it by color. Same result. It was more a factor of him not listening to me at all. You know -- being a typical almost 3 year old. I don't know why it was driving me mad, but he wasn't getting the puzzle at all and I finally needed to pack it up.

Maybe I should leave those things to B to do. I know once L has seen a puzzle he can do it over and over again with next to no help, but those are 8-12 piece puzzles (ones that I resurrected from my mom's attic).

After a bath, L and I sat back down and did another game -- this one matching -- and he was awesome at that. I guess maybe a Sunday night isn't the best time for me to teach him a new puzzle, so we will try again later in the week and hopefully Mommy can keep her cool this time.

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nicole said...

It's not you. Dylan loves all of her puzzles and can do them, but there is no rhyme or reason to how it goes together. She doesn't get the concept about the smooth edges on the outside. She does her 63 piece puzzles and still to this day tries putting edge pieces in the middle and vice versa. Don't get angry or frustrated if L doesn't seem to pick up on it. I've learned that it's easier just to let them try wherever they want. Trial and error seems to be the key at this age.