Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Better or worse

This was an actual email I sent. It sums it up better then re-writing it.

No -- I am at work. Although I am not starting to think that staying home might have been easier. My day so far -- got in at who knows what time, next thing I know it is 11, have a meeting. Run out of the meeting, drive across town to meet my LY group, pick out what we are doing for "our dinner" (long story - stupid story too). Took everything out to the car. Back in to get the personal stuff I need (pull ups and wipes) and to grab some grapes for R (the one thing that kid will eat, so of course B had to finish them last night -- *removing not so nice name for the hubby*). Drive home -- unload car. Tell B to not even think about touching the lasagna in the freezer. By this time it is 130 and I am starving. No breakfast for me this morning. So I run to McDs (which was dumb, should have just grabbed something at home and saved the money). In the car I check my blackberry. Shoot Boss an email that I will be back in 10 minutes for the conference call we are supposed to have (the one mind you scheduled around MY day!). Then proceed to sit at the window at the drive thru for 12 minutes because they didn't have fries. They tell me to move up. Wait on 4 people behind me. Bring me my food -- no drink, mind you -- then EIGHT minutes later, I am in McD screaming at a deaf manager and trying to sign that 8 minutes for a coke is CRAZY. Get back to the office, throw food in my office, run into the conference call. Now I have a cold bag of food that is nasty (ate some fries while i was waiting, they were pretty cold for them being "fresh" mind you) and I now have an entire file to review before I go to capital tomorrow for a document review.

Dear God... what did I do to piss off the world?

Are you laughing yet? Because I kind of am. You would think I was making this crap up.

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