Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fabulous news

We had the boys open house/parent-teacher conferences last night. B and I got to meet the head teacher that L will have in just a few days. Her name is Olivia and both B and I thought she was someone different then she was.

B thought she was the old (and he thinks mean) woman who helps with the closing of the center ever night. I never got that from her. She is just not very outgoing.

I thought she was the young snarky one that seems to have a short temper. You know -- the one that is probably the most like me. But come on -- I admit that I would be a terrible teacher and a not very good stay at home mom either. I didn't go into the profession to take my anger out on some kids. I beat up on other adults.

Regardless, we were both totally wrong. I always knew who Olivia was. I even knew her name was Olivia. However, I thought Olivia was the assistant director, not a head teacher so I thought there was more than one Olivia. There isn't. I am just an idiot who is terrible with names. L will be in great hands.

However, that isn't even the news that I wanted to share. The school made an announcement. Starting January 5th of 2009 they will also be doing INFANT care! OMG -- I truly don't have words for how excited I am. They only mentioned it because they are looking for donations from those of us who are done having kids. While I am not done -- or at least we don't know -- I am overjoyed to know I won't have a double drop off if we decide to have another.

Now to go through the stuff I was going to donate or get rid of (that I found useless) and give to the school. The Saint -- if you come across anything, let me know.


nicole said...

That is good news. I'm glad that things went well at school for the boys.

mamaC said...

How funny is it that we were just talking about this and how the double drop off is on your "con" list for more kids! guess you can take it off now! That is SOOO cool!!! ;)