Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ticking time bomb

I planned to respond to Katie's comment about being a local celebrity.

That was the plan.

Then I got up this morning and checked my blackberry -- which always is the first thing I do in the morning, well, after letting the dogs out. And there is was. The email that I knew I was going to get this week, just didn't know when.

Last Friday I got an email telling me PA bar exam results would be posted on this Friday. History has told me though that they get them done early every year and move up the release date.

The release date is now today. Within the next 10 hours I will know if I can really do it all -- work full time, have the boys alone, with me at my parents house, move and study for the bar exam. 10 hours -- that is how long I admitted I was in labor with Reed -- or at least how long the contractions got bad enough that I had to concentrate on them. That isn't too bad, right.

Some how I think the waiting today will be worse then labor. There is no baby on the other side of these 10 hours. Just more work - one way or another.


KatieG said...

and, congratulations are in order. ;-)

MomSmoo said...

Thanks! Only I would think labor is easy compared to waiting for bar results. It was great to hear your voice yesterday.