Tuesday, October 28, 2008

again with the sleep

R did it again last night. Although it was less about playing and more about being held. At about 1230 he started crying. By 1250 he was in full freak out mode. I planned on checking on him and then letting him cry it out. But alas, the father-in-law was still visiting and was planning on getting up early in morning to drive back to the midwest.

So, I was up with him. B refused to even budge from bed. I was pretty livid. He then explained that he had had it wit the kids being home with them all day yesterday while they were in rare form. Now at least I understand why, although I am still not thrilled with it. I wonder if I ever get to use that excuse? Unlikely.

Then after several trips back and forth to R's room, I finally got him up, and we sat on the lazy boy in the living room. R was out in about 30 seconds. And proceeded to drool all over my shirt (I mean the kid soaked the one side!). Regardless, I didn't care. He was quiet and I was one step closer to being back in bed.

After assuring he was really asleep and getting him back in bed, I crawled back in bed at 147am. Seriously -- this is worse then when the kids were newborns. At least then they would eat for 20 minutes and be right back to sleep.

Anyways, I am still at a loss for what is going on with R. Hopefully we move past this quickly. I don't like nights of broken sleep and I certainly don't want this turning into a habit.

Any advice?

And finally -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!! T, how did we end up with 3 year olds so quickly?

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