Thursday, October 16, 2008

Diaper talk

So I am starting to run into my first issue with cloth diapering.

R has gotten bigger. How dare he, huh?

His adorable little fuzzi bunz butt now involves plumber crack and while it is much cuter on him then it is on B, I am still not loving it. Luckily, that means that I get to embark on yet another adventure of buying new diapers.

I got 3 new ones yesterday because I had a pay pal account balance from selling stuff before. I am also a day away from sending all my Bum Genius diapers (BGs) back for new elastic so that will drop me down to 11 diapers. R goes through at least 5-6 a day. And that is only if we keep him in sposies overnight. I am going to have to do diaper wash every other day until they return if these 3 don't arrive quickly.

And that is the other thing. I knew it was coming. BG had a major problem with their elastic and I haven't met anyone who hasn't had the elastic fail on them. But they are a wonderful company and the diapers are still under warranty (yeah, there are warranties on diapers, especially for things like this -- for stains... not so much). Luckily my BG are just shy of their one year mark, so back they go.

And lets hope for a quick return.

But -- is there anyone that I am missing and just need to try. I need PUL pockets for those in the know -- Mothers Touch, BGs, FBs are my stash -- for school. What new hot thing haven't I heard about?


Jaclyn Michele said...

I recently bought a HH OS pocket and so far it has been great for us. I'm still undecided about the BK OS pockets but mostly its because of the fit on Lucas' legs - I can foresee some easy leakage even though we haven't had the problem yet.

KatieG said...

I can't believe you used the words "hot new thing" in a post about diapers. seriously. i know you're a MOM and all, but come on!! ;-)

MomSmoo said...

Hey - my use of cloth diapers should appeal to your liberal interests! LOL!

But seriously -- you will have to see a picture of one that I bought. It has a Gator on the tush!