Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The ABC song

L has learned his ABC. Well, he has learned the song. Although with Ring around the Rosie -- which is hilarious to listen to him sing. And apparently Humpty Dumpty because we sign it 5,000 times a swimming lesson and at the end he gets to jump in the water.

However, the ABC song just about had Brett and I in tears over the weekend. You see he does great from A to H. Sometimes we get I in there too. Then he does this like blah blah blah blah blah thing (which sounds more like a gobble then anything)in the middle and starts up again screaming O, P, Q…

He is doing better with actually identifying his letters.

Oh and the school is in the process of moving him to the big boy rooms. For the 3-5/6 year olds. Pre-kindergarten rather then pre-school. I guess he now knows pretty much everything there is to know in the preschool room and he is the little master of that domain.

Apparently no one can even come close to picking on R without his big brother jumping in to defend him. Wow -- does that sound familiar. The Saint used to do that all the time for me.

Lets hope they both continue to do well as L transitions to the new room.

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