Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big boy bed

We finally got L his big boy bed.

When L tried it out we knew it was the one. Then he got to lay on a few mattresses and we let him pick which one he wanted. He was a smart boy and picked the one smack in the middle price wise.

The only problem we ran into was when we had to actually order it and will be able to pick it up on Saturday the 18th. L was devastated to not be able to bring it home with us - although I don't know if we could have fit everything in car with the boys and their car seats.

I hope he is as happy with it when it gets home. And now I have 5 days to get his room painted before the new bed arrives.


nicole said...

I love it. He did good picking it out. I can't wait to see pics of his finished room. I swear, if you get his room done before I get Dylan's done, I'm going to be one unhappy momma!

Jaclyn Michele said...

That is a beautiful bed!

MomSmoo said...

Thanks Jaclyn! We have been looking for MONTHS. This was a total steal at Value City Furniture, so I can't complain about anything