Monday, October 1, 2007

No fashionista, but...

I know when something isn't right.

So, as most of you have heard, I live in the burbs and commute via train to NYC. This is all well and good usually, but commuting results in some humorous stories. This one is more of a WWYD situation.

We get off the train and I am walking down the platform. Young girl in front of me. This is usually when I check out everyones shoes/clothing/bags, etc, so I see she is wearing this adorable flats, blah blah blah. But looking up I see she has a GIANT hole right on her ass. YIKES. So... what do I do???

1) Fight the crowd to quietly mention it to her?
2) Cringe in horror and think, OMG I hope someone would tell me about it if I were in her shoes?
3) Wonder exactly how to tell a stanger that you were aparently just checking out her ass and saw a hole?
4) Think, YEAH, blog material!

Any guesses?


Alicia said...

Blog, fer sure. :D

Rimarama said...

Well, I would totally go with "blog material," but, then again, I also risked my life to take a picture of a buck that was eating apples in my back yard all for the sake of the blog.