Sunday, October 28, 2007

Driving me mad

What do you do with almost 12 straight hours of WHINING?? I do not know what has gotten into L today, but he has been the whine monster extraordinaire today. Right now he is creating havoc in my office, but who cares -- he isn't whining for a change.

Consider my last button pushed.

AND I had 2 hours of ME time when L and R were napping, so how can I possibly be at my breaking point?

DS Tidbit: Cognitive function varies tremendously and cannot be predicted at birth. No relationship has been shown between the number of Down syndrome features present in a newborn and later cognitive function. IQs that have been reported for persons with Down syndrome range from low normal to profoundly retarded. However, there are anecdotal reports of children with Down syndrome who have IQs of 135 to 140. Early intervention programs can improve the academic prognosis for children with Down syndrome.

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