Monday, October 15, 2007

Now back to our regular programming…

L had his occupational therapy consult about 10 days ago. I was told he had Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) by the psychologist that evaluated him for the Early Intervention Program back in July, but only a Occupational Therapist (OT) can give me that “official” diagnosis.

I pretty much knew that L had SPD even before the evaluation, but getting the news was hard.

Well, this past Thursday it got worse.

The OT called with L’s official results -- he has Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), SPD and delays in fine motor and sensory modulation -- and yes, that was all Greek to me as of Thursday. I am still trying hard to figure it all out. And the difference between SPD and these diagnoses is anyone’s guess. I BELIEVE that he has SPD and these are his specific problems rather than SPD AND three other things. Anyone who can clear that up would be great!

B’s reaction is “no big deal,” my reaction is far from that. Especially the APD part of it because try as I might, I am just not “getting” that. Pretty much what I can grasp is that while L’s hearing is fine, he doesn’t process the sounds properly -- meaning if I say couch, he could hear couch or cow. Also makes sense why his signing is always consistent, but his use of words is not. It also means that he is going to be a visual/hands-on learner -- again something that makes no dang sense to me, but pretty much describes B. Maybe that is why B isn’t all that worried -- because each test that comes back pretty much reinforces that L is his little clone.

So, spinning that off, this is what I think I am going to have to look forward too -- someone who takes apart radios and VCRs (or I guess DVD players in L’s case) to see how they work and can some how put them all back together in good working order. Someone who can’t sit still in school and will get in trouble as hyper or the class clown. Someone who will never like to read, but will want to do physics experiments and chemistry projects. Someone who can sleep through calculus and it just makes sense to him and finally, someone who will probably never work a desk job because being inside and chained to a desk is a fate worse then death.

Mind you -- that is when I am thinking positively. When I am not I think I am going to have to deal with temper tantrums, bad grades, constant calls to school and whining -- incessant whining!

Lets hope he is more like B then the imaginary monster I have invisioned.
DS tidbit: Screening tests are noninvasive and generally painless. But because they can't give a definitive answer as to whether a baby has DS, mostly they're used to help parents decide whether to have more diagnostic tests.


Alicia said...

Wow.. that's a lot to swallow! But I know you're a great mom and you will adjust to whatever that special little person throws your way. My brother has a lot of the qualities you described and aside from doing bad in school, he's a great kid and I think he will go far once he finds his niche.

Rimarama said...

I'm sorry you are struggling with this. But think of it this way: it sounds like L is a lot like your husband, and he seems to have done quite well for himself in life!

I am sure there is a silver lining somewhere.