Tuesday, October 9, 2007

L and the potty

L WAS doing great being potty trained. Most pees and poops were on the potty up until about a week ago. Now he absolutely refuses to even acknowlege that he may have to potty.

This is the standard evening refrain during dinner time (great timing he has, no?):

L do you need to go poo poo (said with a long o -- po po might be more accurate)
*Violently shaking head*
Are you sure, why don't we try
*More head shaking*
Ok, tell mommy or daddy when you have to go poo poo

3 minutes later

L do you need to go poo poo
*more grunting*
hurry up B get him out of his seat.... (race to the potty, attempt to rip off diaper only to see poop already in the diaper)
L you need to tell mommy when you need to go poo poo
"poo poo mama"

Gee thanks kid!

DS tidbit: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that all pregnant women be offered a screening test for Down syndrome, regardless of the woman's age. Screening may consist of a maternal blood test done in the first trimester (at 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy), along with a special ultrasound examination of the back of the baby's neck (called nuchal translucency), or a maternal blood test done in the second trimester (at 15 to 20 weeks) (8). A screening test helps identify pregnancies that are at higher-than-average risk of Down syndrome. However, a screening test cannot diagnose Down syndrome or other birth defects. There is now talk of making this part of standard prenatal care, so mom's may not have a choice of whether to have the screen done like they do now.

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nicole said...

I'm impressed you had him somewhat trained up until a week ago. Dylan is getting close though. She now takes off all her clothes, then her diaper and brings me wipes and a new diaper. This is just minutes after she goes potty. Now I need her to figure out how to tell me BEFORE she goes potty. How does that happen??? You're certainly lucky L is so close.