Friday, October 26, 2007

No recipe

I know it is Friday and that should mean a recipe, but would you mind terribly if I waited until tomorrow to do that??

B has a cold. And a ho hum cold at that -- no fountain of snot, no hacking cough, no low grade temp -- just a sore throat and a "dry" nose (what that means - I haven't a clue????). But you would think the man was DYING. I don't get it. How can a manly man like B be such a WUSS when it comes to a little cold.

Anyway, why is this important to me -- because I don't sleep when B is sick. He snores on his best days. Chainsaw, window rattling snores... and with the insomnia that I have developed... oh back when I was pregnant with L, I have a hard time sleeping through it as it. With a cold... I can't believe the neighbors weren't calling to complain.

Add to that the one dog seems to also have a cold and was snoring up a storm last night, the other dog decided to drink her body weight in water and was slurping along, R was up 3 times last night and you have one TIRED mama.

The upside of my day and being up all freaking night -- I am half way done knitting wool soakers for R and I have already prewashed the diapers twice (three more times to go) and R's little tushy may be cover in cloth by tonight!

Have a good one and if you are looking for ideas for dinner -- I promise I will post something good tomorrow!

DS tidbit: With appropriate therapy, developmental delay may be minimized, and the child's social quotient may be improved. Such training can provide a foundation for mainstreaming the child with Down syndrome in schools and the community.

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