Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More about the potty

This week looks like it is going to be bathroom humor heavy. Sorry about that.

Here is what I don't get -- I work for a large law firm, however, the group I work with is small, tight-knit and totally in each others business. To the point where two of my co-workers knew I was pregnant before B (this is with R and I totally didn't believe it so I needed confirmation -- nothing like waving a stick with your own piss on around to bond you to others for life, right). Anyways, here is the deal.... there are like 20 women -- partners, associates, assistants and paralegals -- in our group. Guess what -- one of those woman, or multiple women, have to hover.

Ok, you know what I mean by hover -- where your ass floats over the top of the seat, God forbid it TOUCH the toilet seat because what.... there may be GERMS there??? Then, only to make matters worse, these ladies also PISS all over the damn seat. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with them?

1) it is a small group -- every single person that is pissing in this bathroom is WELL known to everyone else, so this isn't a "public" toilet like you would find in Grand Central Station or something. No one is BATHING in these bathrooms people.

2) People seem to think it is a-ok to steal OTHERS food out of the kitchen. Ya know -- half eaten stuff. Guess there are more germs on the effing toilet seat that your SKIN will touch then in a sandwich that you are willing to put in your mouth.

3) Each stall is well stocked with seat covers. Use them.

4) Why in hells name would you walk out of a stall when you have PISSED on the seat. If you find it so gross that you can't clean it up, why the hell should someone else have to.

and finally 5) These are probably the same women who don't understand why we have a lactation room and think that expressing milk should be done in the bathroom -- ya' know, among all the piss covered seats. I am supposed to express food for a baby in a room that you find so damn nasty that you can't even put your bare ASS -- where shit comes out -- on a toilet.

I know people have issues with public toilets, but I have never understood it and especially not in a office bathroom.

DS tidbit: Down syndrome affects kids' cognitive abilities in different ways, but most have mild to moderate mental retardation. Kids with DS can and do learn, and are capable of developing skills throughout their lives. They simply reach goals at a different pace - which is why it's important not to compare a child with DS with typically developing siblings or even other children with the condition. Kids with DS have a wide range of abilities, and there's no way to tell at birth what they will be capable of as they grow up.


nicole said...

That was so much more information than I really wanted to know. What is up with people??

MommytoA said...

Thank God for toilet covers.I don't care how well I know my co-workers.I don't know where their a$$ has been. ;-)Yes,I'm one of the weirdo-freaks skeeved out by public & office toilets.They have signs in all of our stalls that say "if you sprinkle when you tinkle,please be neat and wipe the seat".How sad (but strangely amusing nonetheless)is that?I feel like I'm in pre-school.