Wednesday, October 3, 2007


L is through his first week of speech therapy and has now had 3 sessions. The end result of this... I adore his therapist.

Her name is Lauren and she is gorgeous and he loves her and thinks she is great. Shoot, I would think so too if I were him. She brings fun and new toys, gives her undivided attention.

She also called me on Tuesday at the office to tell me that if I wanted an update after the session to give her a call on her cell phone. The Wife was going to be home with L that day and the therapist will give her the update, but so I don't have to wait. And during our conversation she asked ME for parenting advice for her little one!

I was thrilled the first time I spoke to Lauren. She is just coming back from maternity leave and there is nothing like a new mom to heap praise on your little guy.

So wish us luck. And soon I hope to complain that L just won't shut up!!!

DS tidbit -- Because chromosomes and the genetic information they carry determine how we grow and develop the presence of an extra chromosome does affect a child in a number of ways. The word "syndrome" means that many different characteristics are seen together as a package. Some of these physical characteristics may include low muscle tone, eyes that appear to slant upward, a flat nasal bridge, extra skin folds at the back of the neck, relatively small nose and ears, a larger gap between the first and second toes, and a single horizontal crease on either palm. While these characteristics are more common in an individual with Down syndrome, they are features that can be seen in anyone in the general population.

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MommytoA said...

That's so great!Glad L getting on well with her and that you're happy with her too.That's so important in his progress.Looks like L has a thing for the ladies already.Don't let the Wife find out she's got competition. ;-)
Hugs and kisses to my boys.