Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weekly round-up

  • R's 3rd tooth FINALLY popped through the gum yesterday. It wasn't there at noon when I nursed him and it was there when B got home from work at 4ish. Funny how that happens. Now I just need to remember to put it in his book.
  • And surprisingly enough, I am doing a good job in keeping his book semi-up to date. His milestones are more likely April 07 then April 17, 2007 at 1:13pm like I would do with L, but close!
  • The speech therapist is very impressed with the progress L has made so far.
  • I am fuming mad at the NYS Early intervention program. 3 weeks after L's evaluation, 10 days after I got the news from the OT that he qualified and NADDA from my coordinator. I may have to request a change because this woman is not doing her job.
  • Did I ever mention L's hearing test??? No... well that might be because it was in scary-ville, in a nasty building and L kept ripping the headphones off. Afterwards, I told B it is his job from now on! L needs a follow up in 6 months. Yuck.
  • Halloween candy is in the house!!! B already ripped into one bag, so now it is hidden in the basement! Well, not so much hidden then just far enough away that B won't walk his behind down to the guest bedroom to get a few pieces!
  • I made the lacation cookies with L today. Yummy! A great excuse to eat cookies.
  • The remainder of the diapers should arrive today. Is it bad that I checked outside about 20 times yesterday in the hopes that they might just arrive early???
DS tidbit: Preschool programs for children with special needs include physical, occupational, speech and educational therapies. In these programs, each child receives individualized multisource stimulation. Often included is the total communication concept, which combines signing and oral language.

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