Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday bullet points

  • I have a meeting with my boss today to ask for a raise. I am shooting for the moon here (asking for a 33% raise), so I am nervous beyond belief. Any raise will be appreciated, but lets hope I get what I want (and deserve, I am not picking blindly here).
  • R slept through the night again! Actually had to semi-wake him at 7 this morning because of my poor engorged boobs!
  • Cloth diapers -- who knew there were a million different varieties!!
  • B has finally agreed to cloth diaper R -- R is apparently allergic to normal disposables.
  • R has all his catch up shots tomorrow -- that I delayed at 5 and 6 months because he had "something" at both of those.
  • I win bad mommy award - AGAIN - because I have been shoving L's feet into too small shoes. Finally gave in and got him some cheapie walmart ones because - hello, $60 for Geox shoes every 2 months!!
  • And finally -- OMG, when am I FINALLY going to get a post pardum period? Seriously... since March of 2005 I have had exactly ONE period. I am cramping like a mad fool, so come one already and lets get it over with!
DS tidbit: Individuals with Down syndrome are usually smaller than their non-disabled peers, and their physical as well as intellectual development is slower.


Ash said...

oh how I wish I wasn't having my period right now. Alexis is 3 months, I'm exclusively breastfeeding and this is MY SECOND ONE since she was born.
Hello, cruel, cruel world!

MomSmoo said...

I know Ash! You are too regular for your own good!!!! 4 weeks pp is just cruel for your period to return.