Tuesday, October 23, 2007

They arrived!!

The pocket diapers I ordered from Kelly's Closet arrived yesterday. Only 3 more orders to arrive -- I tried a few different places in order to know where to order from in the future -- and then we can make the official switch. Poor B has no idea what all is yet to come!

I have to say the Kelly's Closet has been fabulous. I have tons of stuffers for the pocket diapers. I thought I only got one for each diaper I ordered, but I ended up with a dozen stuffers or more. She did a great job in picking out colors for me. So I highly recommend her.

Cotton babies and the Stork Wearhouse are yet to arrive, but I ordered them after Kelly Closet. Don't worry -- R's cloth covered behind will be on here shortly!

DS tidbit: Because of the range of ability in children with Down syndrome it is important for families and all members of the school's education team to place few limitations on potential capabilities. It may be effective to emphasize concrete concepts rather than abstract ideas. Teaching tasks in a step-by-step manner with frequent reinforcement and consistent feedback has been proven successful. Improved public acceptance of persons with disabilities along with increased opportunities for adults with disabilities to live and work independently in the community, have expanded goals for individuals with Down syndrome.


Alicia said...

Yay!! Ahh, the days of fluffy mail. I miss them!

My favorite is Abby's Lane. :)

MomSmoo said...

Thanks Alicia! I will have to check out Abby's Lane too. I thought I would like the pocket ones best, but now I am thinking I am really gonna like the pre-folds.

Coty said...

So what exactly did you order? I looooove my CD's. :) They're the best. Seriously. I have way too many of them.