Sunday, October 14, 2007

Out numbered...

Explain this math to me...

For 3 days in September I had, L and R and my three nieces -- that would be 5 kids right? I took them to Chuck E. Cheese, I got the girls to school on time, I even managed to feed them well.

So why it is when there were 5 kids and SEVEN adults this weekend, I felt totally outnumbered and my kids had 3 meals from McDonalds?

The kids were younger, but I was responsible for fewer of them, no? Anyways, looking back at it, L and R were pretty good, but for L's 20 minute temper tantrum in the middle of a store My parents got to spend a fair amount of time with the boys and I think L was really well behaved for both of them (isn't that ALWAYS the case anyways -- your kid will push your very last button and then be a saint to grandma and grandpa!). I got some shopping done, didn't overspend, and even bought myself something!

It only took me 8+ months to see my friends daughter Emmi and K -- what a cutie you got there.

Oh and apparently K seeing what it was like with two kids, has decided that maybe one is plenty! Yet a second week in a row that my children served as birth control (I also get to spread the blame around because I think W's kids helped out in the birth control method too -- or maybe it was that W and I showed up 20 minutes late with 4 kids in tow that changed the dynamic K had going when it was just her, Emmi and 4 grandparents)!

DS tidbit: There are two types of prenatal tests available to detect Down syndrome in a fetus: screening tests and diagnostic tests. Screening tests estimate the risk that a fetus has DS; diagnostic tests can tell whether the fetus actually has the condition.


mamaC said...

Sorry I wasn't better company, hopefully next time E and I will be more rested and less cranky! It was so nice to see you guys and hang out!! We have to do it again soon, the kids played so nicely together.

MomSmoo said...

Who said you weren't good company?? I really didn't think E was all that cranky -- esp in comparison to L. They were pretty much even par (ie -- I am just used to the crankiness!!). =)