Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh, what should I write about today??

Should I write about how R decided that last night wasn't a good night for sleeping? How he got up hourly from 230 to 530 this morning? How he only slept from 530 until 700 this morning because he was sleeping in bed with me? How I have no idea if it was his teeth or because he is trying to crawl or because he was too cold or whatever it was that was waking his butt up? Nah... no one wants to hear about sleep problems. Pretty much everyone who reads this has their own.

Should I write about how L threw a temper tantrum for a good ten minutes yesterday for no apparent reason? I tried the Saints method of a tight hug and bouncing to see if he was just over stimulated... it didn't work. So off he went to a time out where he did sit, but continued to scream. How he just continued to do that and still attempted to scoot across the floor to take a toy away from R? How then after a while he just turned it OFF, so we have NO CLUE as to what started it or stopped it? Or how I HATE HATE HATE the temper tantrums, the whining, the TWOS?????????!!!!!!!!!! Nah -- because again, most people either have a terrible 2, had a terrible 2 or just have no freaking clue as to what I am talking about.

How about I write about how I never have a clue as to what to wear or even what fits on any given day? Pants that I wore last week, falling off of me today. Not to worry though because next week I won't even be able to get the same pants past my hips. Or how I have a mounting pile of ironing that needs to be done but no idea when in the hell I could even begin to try doing it? Nah... that isn't interesting either.

Or finally, maybe I should write about our trip to the farm this weekend. The trip that I have been looking forward to all month because L loves TRACTORS and TRUCKS and animals. How he loves to run through the field and touch all the pumpkins or how he likes the hay ride so much he had a perma-grin last year the whole time. About how this year it was HOT, and the hayride sucked and how the pumpkins have exploded in the field so you can't even get off the hay ride and pick a pumpkin. Or how we didn't time the trip to the farm right and L was hungry and had fallen asleep in the car on the way there, so all the pictures of him this year have a perma-scowl. Oh and how there isn't a single picture of me with the boys because any time we tried L threw a fit. Why it is the stuff I look forward to the most are usually the trips that turn out the worst?

Nah, not that either. Ok, so how about this rant is my post for today?

DS tidbit: Just as in the normal population, there is a wide variation in mental abilities, behavior, and developmental progress in individuals with Down syndrome. Their level of retardation may range from mild to severe, with the majority functioning in the mild to moderate range. Due to these individual differences, it is impossible to predict future achievements of children with Down syndrome.


MommytoA said...
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MommytoA said...

If I'd read your blog first I'd have known the answer about the pics.But,let's see...
**child who doesn't sttn...check
**terribles 2s & random related acts....check
**impossible wardrobe...check
**good intentioned outings gone wrong...check
I think I can safely say I feel your vent.Sorry you had a rough weekend.Hope R starts sleeping better,L's phase is short lived and your clothes stop having Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde moments.(((HUGS)))

MomSmoo said...

Thanks Tasha!!!