Thursday, October 11, 2007

My super power

Jen provided us with yet another Writing challenge, so here it is... feel free to steal it if you would like:

If you had one superpower, what would it be?
I actually spent entirely too much time contemplating this. Really, I threw around a few -- ability to turn anything into money, ability to be invisible, ability to split myself 3,4 or 5 ways, etc, but then I finally decided...

I want to teleport -- and be able to bring those that I am touching with me. I think it makes sense, especially since both B and my families live so far away. It would also be handy for work -- I could visit the client any time any where at no cost, serve papers in the blink of an eye, and come and go from work in a flash. Meaning, I could pop home for dinner, baths and bedtime and still work from my desk for hours on end into the night. I could pop in and out to visit family and friends and drop the boys at my sisters house for night evenings out with B.

Also, my teleporting would cut down on emissions because I wouldn't need to drive anywhere. It would make B happy because without fail we fight when we travel (how can you not with 2 kids and all the CRAP that you need to bring in tow) and the kids would love not having to be strapped into the car for 4-5 hour drives to visit my family.

Not to mention -- hello, they could sleep every single night in their own rooms, own beds, etc and we could spend the rest of the time across the country visiting friends!

I could also be more helpful to my friends. Like I could have been with W in an instant when she was first dealing with O's diagnosis or with N when she was sick and needed help with the kids or The Saint when she needs an extra set of hands with the girls.

So, what would your superpower be?

DS tidbit: While some kids with DS have no other health problems, others may experience a host of medical issues that require extra care. For example, half of all children born with DS also have congenital heart defects and are prone to developing pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs). A pediatric cardiologist can monitor these types of problems, many of which can be treated with medication or surgery.


nicole said...

Ooohh, I would love for you to have that super power! We could see each other whenever we wanted! That would be fantastic. You and I could also get away for a girls weekend, but still be around if needed. I like that. Get that one, get that one!

Sabrina said...

Haha! We did pick the same thing. We are brilliant and so practical. Go us!

Rimarama said...

It is very commendable that your desired superpower is also environmentally friendly!

moo said...

I just love this superpower!

It would be great to avoid traffic ... to never be late anymore ... and it's much better than flying, IMO, since you wouldn't have to deal with "wind hair."