Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silver lining

I am going to try an upbeat post today... So here were my "problems" of yesterday and the silver lining..

1) 5 pairs of pants and not a single one that fits -- 12 are too big and my normal size - 10 - are still just a bit too small. Half of these pants were bought in the last 6 months and now nothing freaking fits. SILVER LINING -- baby weight finally coming off.

2) Car would not start. Just nothing when I tried. Called B, he came home and fixed it (battery was disconnected from when he jumped his own car that morning) and I headed off to work. SILVER LINING -- nothing was really wrong with the car and B answered his phone on the first call (rare) and was home within 10-15 minutes (unheard of!).

3) Work meeting that lasted 2 hours and resulted in more work for everyone but the co-irker who will of course take all the credit. SILVER LINING -- yeah, I have work to do and I can do most of it independent of the co-irker!

4) Work computer keeps changing my time to daylights savings time. SILVER LINING -- having no idea what time it really is at work and getting to jump ahead an hour makes the day go by fast!

5) R has a horrid cold and is pouring snot. Screams when laid down (having his ear checked today), but did sleep from 8 until 4am. SILVER LINING -- sickie kid means Mommy works from home today, so I am in sweats and can run up and see the kids at any time!

DS tidbit: Life tables published in 1989 showed that more than 50 percent of infants with Down syndrome could be expected to live more than 50 years. As mortality rates for the operative repair of congenital heart defects continue to decrease, survival may increase considerably. Since the trend toward deinstitutionalization began in the 1970s, it has become apparent that the maintenance of optimal health is a major factor in the lifelong functioning of persons with Down syndrome. Primary health care has become essential to helping these persons have longer, more productive lives.


Kirsten said...

I like what you did with this. Too often I get into a negative rut and you offer a good reminder to stop being such a jerk and find the good out of my sucky days.

Linda Kerr said...

This so seriously made me laugh. Good for you for finding the positive. I remember those days of madness. My kids are also 16 months apart. It gets easier!!!