Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My 2 best friends...

Remember a long time ago when I said I am just not popular? Funny enough, that is the one that I got so many comments on IRL as well as on my blog. Guess there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

Well, since I have moved past that, I realized how damn lucky I am to have not one but TWO best friends. That is in addition to The Saint -- who I couldn't be closer to these days -- and B. The funny thing is that thinking of them together is so hard to do. I don't think N and W could be more different.

W is the friend that I have had the longest in my life. We met in 6th grade, were both smart and kinda nerdy and spent many a day hanging on the fringe of the popular crowd. We were so close though. She was helplessly in love with one of my best friends (my friendships with males started at the early age of 3! That is what living in the country will do, because he was the only one around that was anywhere close to my age. Apparently he was quite the hottie, but I just knew him as Mike -- the guy who could fix the handlebars on my bike when I was little). W has 2 little girls and we actually do refer to them both as E and O when we email about them. O you know as Olivia. W has a hot temper like I do. Loves her husband to death, but he drives her as batty as B drives me. She is a voracious reader of all things pregnancy like I am and we are both probably a little over educated in many areas. W and I discuss labor, deliveries, pregnancy symptoms, etc together in great detail. My hubby couldn't care less... her hubby, totally grossed out by it. W is some kind of computer wiz and I know what she does for a living about as well as she knows what I do (which is not at all on both of our cases!)

N on the other hand was my college roommate for 2 years. She is Mormon. Me -- oh my no. Somehow though we are super close and her family even loves me (trust me, sometimes I wonder why, but I try to keep in mind that my crazy days in college were never a bad influence on N and she was an awesome calming influence on me!). N doesn't like to know too much about anything pregnancy related, so things like that are "off limits". She is very very slow to anger and doesn't talk about things that are bothering her very much (it is like prying open a tin can with a spoon to get her to talk sometimes). She also has 2 kids -- one girl and one boy and her boy was born on L's first birthday! We love that. She lives out west though and so we go for long stretches of time without seeing each other, however, you would never know that when we actually do get together because it is as if we were just together yesterday. Our plan was to travel a lot together and we did make it to Costa Rica together (best trip of my life with the exception of my honeymoon which was just different) and then we both got married and had kids. Some time soon we will be able to start traveling together again -- hopefully. N is a SAHM and a pretty amazing one at that. She is so stinking creative!

Then there is me. I am hot tempered, wear my emotions on my sleeve and have verbal diarrhea. Some how I lost the filter between my brain and my mouth, so if I am thinking it, it comes right out. I am a litigation attorney and work in Manhattan. My hours are insane and there are days at a time when I barely get a chance to send out personal email. I have a major addiction to caffeine -- come on, I survive on 6 hours of sleep and have 2 kids under 2, how else could I do this. I would call myself corporate crunchy -- I believe in extended breastfeeding, unmedicated childbirth and cloth diapering (although I can't get B to agree with me on that one, so we still use sposies). I make the boys baby food and predominately buy organic food. However, I do not co-sleep, believe in child-led parenting or skipping vaccines (although for other reasons I do use a modified schedule that the pedi and I agreed on and at his recommendation). We are all so much alike, can't you tell.

How are we alike? Well we all have 2 kids under 2, we all were former athletes and we are all three very strong and independant women.

It just amazes me that two women who have only met once are two of the most important people in my life. I am truly blessed with such good friends and I hope they know how much they mean to me.


nmbailey said...

I think I'm going to cry...well, not really, but it was a sweet post. Thank you. I'm so glad we have remained friends all these years, and I too wish we could see each other more often. Long-distance relationships suck! =)

MomSmoo said...

If I ever made you cry - in a good way - I would fall over with shock! =)

stephanie said...

This is lovely! It is interesting to examine how your friendships have come about & grown.

I wanted to tell you - I read your comment to Ready or Not's Kirsten and I order the No Water Chai also! I can't handle a venti, and I get it with soy; I'm pretty sure they usually get it right but they always say it differently than how I ordered. It's secret Starbucks code I think.