Monday, August 13, 2007

Not making this up!

I don't know what it is with me and VA, but we just don't seem to get along. It started a few years ago when I got pneumonia after visiting the Saint and family for a birthday party. Actually, almost every single guest got pneumonia or some disease which is why the Saint now does the b-day parties all together in late summer (the oldest and youngest have birthdays in July, the middle one is in November, so August/Sept is close to spliting the difference).

Anyways, another trip and another disease. This time L woke up Sat morning with a fever and just progressed to being a super crank. Of course, in my genius, I assumed his crankiness was just him being ultra whiney and put him in a time out. Only seemed to realize it was more than just being cranky when he was shaking/shivering/boiling hot and just not able to "get over it" for a good hour. Yeah, mommy is so wonderful. Shoot, I got annoyed when he didn't want to get in the water at the pool party.

Needless to say -- today is day 3 of sick, clingy, whiney kid and after a pedi appt this morning it is official -- Hand foot and mouth disease! Oh yummy.

So, lets see the last three trips have included -- R's ear infections, Oldest Niece puking and now hand foot and mouth disease. Think our trips to VA are jinxed??

Did I mention we are headed there in exactly one month for 3 days??? Can't wait to see what disease that trip brings. At least I know where the local urgent care is now.

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