Thursday, August 2, 2007

Skating around

Anyone notice I haven't provided an update about L's appt last week?? Anyone???

Well, there have actually been two things I have been skating around recently. Trying to pull up mundane old drafts and such to keep posting, but since these two issues are really consuming my life at the moment, guess it is time to fess up to the internet at large.

1) L has sensory integration dysfunction. He has to start OT and speeach therapy. His motor planning and fine motor skills I guess suck. This of course I have to hear from the coldest, nastiest psych evaluator ever and just mere hours after getting a call telling me....

2) My best friend's daughter, Olivia, has Down Syndrome. Trisomy 21 to be exact as the blood work results just came back on Tues. W -- that is the best friend -- had no risk factors, the integrated screen gave her a 1 in 5200 chance of having a baby with Downs and to say everyone was shocked is the understatement of the world. However, W is AMAZING. She was shocked at first, but now she is florishing and honestly providing me with an example of how I need to be a better mom. I couldn't be prouder of her right now.

All in all, last Friday was a very bad day. Considering it was 7/27/07 you would think it would have been lucky, but NOT!

I know the post is a downer, but it needed to be said so that I don't continue to try to skate around these issues.

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Kirsten said...

Good thing L has such an amazing mom. Your getting him the help he needs and loving him for his uniqueness is going to make all the difference!