Monday, August 20, 2007

Round 2

and round 3 of hand, foot and mouth!

R started running a temp on Thurs and I have the blisters starting Friday-ish. YUMMY!! Actually, other than R being a super cranky pants and not wanting to nurse, due to the blisters in his mouth, it really hasn't been all that bad. For me, it is just a few blisters here and there and I am working from home because I "could" be contagious. Nothing like passing hand, foot and mouth around to an office full of childless attorneys.

The Saint and crew have been visiting since Thurday and B and I got a chance to go out for our anniversary. It was a nice change and much much needed.

Oh and THANK GOD I have two boys!!! Dear God -- the Saint's children are the queens of talking back. The Saint deals with it with tons of patience, but it makes my skin just about crawl listening to them backtalk.

So, the house has been crazy for the last few days and once it gets back to normal, I will give more details.

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