Friday, August 3, 2007

The Ban...

I am sure most people who read this blog already know what ban I am talking about, but if you don't.

NYC passed a law forbidding City hospitals from giving away the diaper bags with formula in them at discharge. And good Lord if it isn't causing a stir, so I feel the need to comment.

First of all, you all know that I am a huge believer in breastfeeding. I think it is undoubtably the best food for baby and I am more than happy to have been able to breastfeed L until I got pregnant with R and breastfeed R for the last almost 20 weeks. I wouldn't trade the convenience of it for anything and I do believe that it makes me feel closer to my boys. As I usually joke -- I have been supporting another life since March of 2005 -- between both pregnancies and breastfeeding. So, obviously formula isn't in need here. Not that I don't HAVE formula in the house, because Lord knows I do. Want Similac -- I got it. Want Enfamil -- I got it. The only one I don't think I have in the house is Good Start and that is only because they are so stingy on the freebies. I also have coupons coming out my ears. Normally, I have a few people to give them to, especially co-workers, but those are starting to finally slow down now.

Now, onto my comments on this ban. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. NYC recently banned trans fat from being used in restaurants and no one, but no one is freaking out about it. NYC officials decided no trans fat is healthier for the general population. I personally think that NYC officials should mind their own damn business and if I want to eat straight lard for days then that is within my rights. How does this relate to formula? Hello, the door swung wide open for NYC officials to impose their own beliefs on the healthiest life style choices and NOW all of a sudden you want to close it.

Too damn late people. You can't just sit there on your hands when you agree that they should be able to push their own health agenda and then get all pissy when all of a sudden that choice touches on one of the mommy hot button issues.

Not to mention -- why anyone thinks they have a right to have an opinion on how another mother feeds her child is beyond me. Actually, that is not true -- you are WELCOME to have an opinion, but you really need to keep it to yourself.

I also heard someone say that banning the formula from the hospital CRIMINALIZES formula feeding. (yes, you read THAT correctly). Only a insecure freakoid would think that. There is a BIG BIG difference between criminal behavior and no more freebies.

Come on people, this isn't a huge deal. Feed your kid which ever freaking way you want. The hospital is still going to give you formula in the hospital and just like all the pads and such that you are sent home with, I am sure you will get some to go. To think that you are entitled to a free can of formula is assinine though.

And not to mention, it doesn't exactly take any planning to SIGN UP with the formula companies prior to giving birth and have samples on hand if you need them. I signed up, just in case, and have formula coming out my ears.

This reminds me of consumer reports time. A whole lotta hoopla about an issues that people really just need to educate themselves on. If you want to formula feed by all means do so, but don't think that it is your hospitals obligation to provide it to you for free upon your departure.

On a side note though -- I am thoroughly depressed that THIS is the crap my tax dollars go towards. Why have a law like this? Then again, I thought the trans fat law was crap too.

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