Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Operation Get the Hell out of Dodge

Has been stepped up a notch. This usually coinsides with getting an AWESOME house listing from a former classmate of mine who just so happens to be a realtor now and then something else happening. Several things have happened recently:

1) Two weekends in a row with the Saint. Her girls may talk back to her, but I still love them and so does L. He is SO much easier to deal with when they are around and hello -- kid sleeps like a log then because he is so exhausted by them.

2) Co-irker is being ultra irksome recently.

3) If we want to have a third kid we have to put a second floor on this house... massive construction that I am not looking forward too.


5) an overwhelming sense of doom that something is going to happen in the NYC area soon! Shoot -- have they CAUGHT the people who bombed infront of the British Embassy like 3 years ago? Nope! And I work IN a landmark building, so it is time for Smoo to leave the premises.

6) B hates his boss. So do I.

So, I have stepped it up on applying for jobs back near my home town and should I get a bite and then a good offer, we may just be fleeing NYC.

The sticking points -- The Wife. My boss. Selling a house in this market. Buying a house/getting a mortgage. Credit card debt that needs paid off. Oh and a brand spanking new kitchen that I am just able to enjoy.


nmbailey said...

So, thinking of leaving again, huh? I don't blame you for wanting to go, and you've got a great list for both. How does B feel?

MomSmoo said...

Oh, I should have said... B says he is ready to move tomorrow as long as I have a job. Thank Goodness he loves my family.