Friday, August 24, 2007


The one consistant thing that every evaluator told us when they came to analyze L is that he is very intelligent. B and I already knew that. And we aren't just parents that are bragging -- seriously, it is obvious just watching him. Also, extremely frustrating as I swear he is smarter than I am.

This is the screen door that the child can open. At 17m he learned that. Oh and that means he can undo the safety bolt too that you see on the bottom. You can't see it in this picture, but beyond those flowers is a street. Means a lot of keeping the storm door closed.

This fan... yeah, he likes to take the cover off it (that took ME a while to figure out, thank you very much). Too bad he doesn't like to wipe the dust off its blades.

This crib -- R's crib -- is his jungle gym. Some how though he knows not to crawl in and out of his own crib.

See this step stool! Ok, this is a newer one... He gets the step stool out (which requires moving 2 garbage cans), opens it up, places it in front of this cabinet - similar to what it looks like right now - and then crawls up it to get fruit off the counter. Or cookies, or whatever the hell we are storing there.

And this is my favorite -- crawls into his booster seat and buckles himself in! You can certainly tell when the kid is hungry.

He is only 21 months old. If this is normal, I don't want to hear it because I like to firmly believe that he is a freaking genius McGuyver type.

Which he CERTAINLY didn't inherit from me! Thanks B for the freakishly smart, mechanically inclined kid.

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