Thursday, August 9, 2007

Poop and a good day?

This morning I was about to leave the house (after humming and hawing over what to wear because good grief my weight is all over the place these days) and I heard L wake up. Normally I practically run to the door when I hear that -- and while that SOUNDS awful it is really because he throws such a God awful fit when I leave for work if he is awake and I hate doing that to The Wife. But, for some reason today, I went in to get him up.

The smell hit me right away.

L had pooped all the way down his leg -- not just a bit, but big giant clumps of poop.

Surprisingly, I have to say we had a GREAT morning. After cleaning him up and doing the laundry, I got to hang out with him and R while they ate breakfast. I have been at the office stupidly late the last few nights, so I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could this morning and if that meant dealing with some serious poop -- it was well worth it.

L was in the best mood. Giving big kisses. Saying MaMa and DaDa with that adorable little voice that he only uses when saying our names and never once throwing a temper tantrum (until I left for work, but hey, I was gone so....). R did his normal smiley happy baby thing and was just content to watch his brother eat breakfast and sit on my lap.

Days like today are when I am certain we are going to have a third.

Too bad B wasn't around to appreciate it too. I might finally get him to agree to 3 that way.

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