Monday, August 20, 2007

All official like

L has an official speech delay. I had the evaluators meeting on Friday and got the call from the ongoing coordinator on Monday, so as soon as possible we will start twice weekly sessions of speech therapy. I have to get the occupational therapy consult done and then we will arrange for OT therapy too.

Speech is about 9 months delayed. Gross motor though is 6 months advanced. Fine motor is ... God only knows where. I think he is fine in that category, but the cold cruel psychiatrist keeps talking about how uncoordinated he is. Really do not like that woman. I think I don't have to see her anymore though which is happy news in this house.

Ultimately though I am pretty OK with things. It may just be because I know about sensory issues and I KNOW that it will be resolved with time and therapy. Not to mention L has finally had his little explosion of words and although he doesn't always use them properly he is starting to mime back everything we say.

Note to B and self: time to stop swearing!!


nmbailey said...

I keep telling Todd it's time to watch the language. Dylan is just a little mime. It's pretty funny. I'm glad L finally had a rush of words. Maybe this is the start for him.

I'm sorry you guys are sick but glad you and B got out for an evening. Hope it was enjoyable!

Kandace said...

Hi! I just found your site and oh man I can totally relate. Uh, 2 under 2 is, well, really great and can be really lonely! Anyway, yes stop swearing as soon as possible because I can attest even if they aren't repeating you they are definetely retaining it and waiting to pull it out whenever you least expect it or anytime it would be really embarassing.

Sorry to hear about the speech delay, rest assured that getting the help now will make great improvement.

I look forward to catching up on your site, I've a lot of reading in front of me!

My name is Rima. said...

Hey, there.

It's good that you are getting the speech therapy for your little guy early on. And as for coordination, aren't all kids kind of klutzy? Yeesh! Next time you see that shrink, casually stick your foot out as she's walking by. We'll see whose uncoordinated then.