Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 months

Five months ago, this second, I was holding R in my arms. After 11 hours of labor -- well 11 hours where I "admitted" I was in labor and 6 minutes of pushing, R arrived in this world. The first month was a bit rough (where I told everyone who would listen that we were DONE, DONE I TELL YOU with 2 kids), and then we had the week and a half of ear infections, but since then, I have been blessed with the happiest baby in the world. R is finally starting to get a little demanding, which strangely enough, I do like. I also don't feel like I am dropping him in a corner and just forgetting about him anymore. L still demands more of my time, but I make ever second I get with R count.

R however, is not holding up his end of the bargain that he not grow up. The Wife reported to B on Tuesday that he is crawling. I laughed it off -- because we all know that NOTHING happens developmentally when Mommy is not around -- but then yesterday I laid him on a blanket to play and when I came back to get him he was halfway across the room and totally off the blanket. This is not good. He is only 5 months. What the hell is going on?

Oh, but he still will not roll over!

Happy 5 month birthday R. Mommy may not talk about you a bunch on here, but it isn't because she loves you any less than L. You just provide fewer comical or "makes her want rip her hair out" material. Keep smiling and giggling and please please please STOP GROWING!


Kirsten said...

Seriously I have the same thoughts every day about Roob. I swear she is getting big so much faster than Goldie did. I am so in love with this child I can't see straight! Good luck with the crawling! What a little overachiever! :)

nmbailey said...

Here I am telling you that Isaac is almost crawling, and he's twice the age of R. What the heck? Why aren't you sharing information with me in return?

MomSmoo said...

N -- I didn't share because I don't believe it! =) I am in denial that R is getting big.