Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Talking to myself

It's been a while since I got comments, so if you are out there, comment, otherwise I am going to start thinking that I am talking to myself. Actually, that may be a good thing at times.

Last night made me realize what good sleepers I have. I worked late -- like 1am late -- and when I got home I got two calls from the office in reference to a document production I was having copied. They were important calls to take and I was WIDE awake each time the phone rang.

Luckily the boys slept right through the two phone calls.

B ... not so much. After the second one, there was lots of muttering and complaining. I think I remember doing the same thing when he would get calls in the middle of the night to plow snow. YIKES. Poor guy. Sorry B, but as you know it pays the bills.


nmbailey said...

Talking to yourself is normal, isn't it?? At least I thought it was when you had two kids the ages of ours...Don't worry, your readers are out there.

lotto360 said...

I NEVER write but ALWAYS read. Keep up the good work. It's fun, witty and charming. You are wonder woman. I love it!