Monday, August 27, 2007

Playing hookie

Wait -- you didn't know adults did that? Well, I don't know if all adults do, but I am today. Strangely enough, it is ok to blog about because 1) my office DOES NOT CARE, 2) my boss DOES NOT CARE and 3) I flat out called in hookie!

Really, I can't believe summer is coming to an end and seeing as B and I have totally different vacation times left -- I have 3 weeks and he has 2 days?? (Where is that man going without me?). Anyways so I am taking advantage of 2 of my days and a light trial schedule to get some things done.

But rather than get my tush dressed and out the door, I am sitting in my home office, checking my work email and listening to L run up and down the hall! Maybe today will be my hookie day with the kids. Wonder what we can go do with The Wife....

Sorry for the stream of conscious blog, but it is my round about way of asking... What the heck do you do with a toddler and an infant during these dog days of summer when you want to enjoy your fleeting moments of free time with them? Suggestions?

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nmbailey said...

I hope you enjoyed your "free" day. Did you end up doing anything fun?