Wednesday, August 22, 2007

100 things about me

1) I have two boys 16 months apart.

2) When my sister had her 2 girls 16 months apart I though she was insane, irresponsible and full of crap (that she got pregnant on the minipill). Yeah, well... guess what I was on when I got pregnant too.

3) I wanted my kids to be 3-4 years apart and now I couldn't be happier that they are so close in age.

4) B and I are trying to decide if we want to have a third. I mainly want to go through labor again, not necessarily have the baby to raise. (yes, I know how crazy that sounds).

5) I met B at a funeral. His best friend's funeral

6) We started "dating" a year later.

7) Our first date was to the Melting Pot in the Chicago burbs and we got engaged at the Melting Pot in Washington DC

8) My mom thought I had a thing for him long before I admitted it.

9) I am an attorney and work stupidly long hours, even though I work from home twice a week.

10) Luckily, I love my job and most of my co-workers.

11) The one co-worker I don't like. I refer to him as the co-irker. I think I don't like him because he does the same things to me that B does to annoy me. Oh and he has called me lazy twice -- NO ONE has ever called me lazy in my life, so I am thinking HE has an issue.

12) I have a freaky good memory when it comes to #s. I can remember pretty much every phone number I have ever had and had the boys SS#s memorized within a hour or so of getting the card.

13) I know B's SS# almost as well as my own.

14) I can't remember names to save my life though.

15) When I got married, I used purple as a wedding color. No one expected anything else because purple is my favorite color and I thought everyone knew that.

16) My sister didn't know purple was my favorite color.

17) When she told me that, I actually cried because I was so upset that she didn't know "anything" about me.

18) Looking back I realize that is because we were at different points in our lives and it was ok that she didn't know that.

19) I also look back at our wedding and wish we had just eloped and saved all that money.

20) In Dec. of 2002, I borrowed 12K from the wedding account my parents had for me to pay off credit card debt. The debt scared me silly.

21) By June 2004 I had paid every single cent back.

22) I still don't know how I was able to do that.

23) Right now, B and I have 24K on our credit cards.

24) 23K of it was for 2 home renovation projects.

25) For some reason that debt doesn't scare me at all (maybe because half of it is intrest free?)

26) We also would have spent 5 times that much if B hadn't done the work.

27) Even though I know he works quickly and does a great job, I still always get pissed at B during a renovation project.

28) It is one of the reasons I am scared to ever move.

29) Because I know we will buy another fixer upper and go through this hell again.

30) I commute on a train three days a week.
31) When I say I over hear interesting things on the train, I really mean, OMG why do people think that the train is their private living room.
32) And I don’t blush easily and I talk about most things in “mixed” company.
33) Turning up my Ipod is the only way I survive the commute some days.
34) I listen to KT Tunstall, Black Horse and a Cherry Tree to get me hyped up for work.
35) Yes, that means I heard it on American Idol.
36) Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that.
37) This coming up with 100 things about me is proving difficult.
38) I recently found out that my old boss and his wife are expecting.
39) It actually made me cry tears of joy.
40) Not around the ex-boss though, although he has seen me cry more times then I care to remember.
41) Don’t worry, it isn’t too weird because he is a friend outside of work and always has been.
42) I cried because I was so relieved that they were pregnant because I worried, for some unexplainable reason, that they would have trouble getting pregnant.
43) The ex-boss may think he is going to be hands off, but I think he is going to be such an awesome dad.
44) I am friends with his wife too.
45) Talking about this has made me realize that I have known the ex-boss now for more than 10 years -- and have worked for him, in 2 different jobs, for most of that time.
46) My mom thinks the ex-boss is one of the greatest humans alive because he is the one that convinced me to leave the EX (oh and because the ex-boss is funnier than anyone else we know).
47) My EX was a sadistic, evil man. The ex-boss was a good man to force me to see it.
48) But the EX taught me an awful lot about myself and really is one of the reasons why I am the person I am today.
49) Unfortunately, I grudgingly appreciate that.
50) I will also kill my boys if I ever find out they treat a girlfriend like the EX treated me.
51) One of my biggest concerns about raising the boys is that they will be Mama’s boys.
52) Then I realize L isn’t even a Mama’s boy now, so I really should not worry about that.
53) Although I hope they are a little bit of Mama’s boys because I want them to stay close to me when they grow up.
54) Unfortunately, I realize that the likelihood is the my DILs will not like me.
55) But I keep my fingers crossed that I walk the line between being a good mom to an adult and giving my boys the space they need.
56) And I have learned even some of the most “evil” MILs really flourish when put to the test.
57) I used to bash W’s MIL.
58) Now I have so much respect for her that I want to apologize for being such a bitch to her before.
59) Talking about W -- I have a secret fear that we won’t be as close as we are right now, in 3 years or 5 years.
60) She is the only one I have that fear of because I know N and I will always be close.
61) I hope that is because I am used to being across the country from N and still being close to her.
62) But it really started after O was born.
63) So I think it is more that I can’t help W and I know she will make a friend who will be able to relate to her.
64) I have lost other friends because I wasn’t able to “relate”.
65) And when I think about this, I shake my head and think -- OMG what a selfish bitch. And then resign myself to the fact it is more important that she find someone to help her rather than unilaterally continue to be one of my best friend and then secretly pray that somehow that can be me.
66) I have a dream to write chick lit.
67) I don’t know if anyone would buy a book written by me and so I return to my safe cocoon of work.
68) But on those days when the kids are especially good I think I should really go for it so I could SAH with them and then write.
69) And then I realize that people find my life more comical than anything because of ALL the factors in it and the stupid juggling that I attempt to do and then fail at.
70) Talking about failing, B… doesn’t love it so much when I don’t make it home in time for dinner.
71) And I feel so bad to only sweep in right before bedtime.
72) Then I get pissed because B doesn’t seem to get too upset when he misses bedtimes.
73) B might miss bedtimes 5-10 times a YEAR. For me, it is easily 2-3 times a month. B’s misses are usually because of snow too.
74) Although I will say, he has a knack for being gone for a long period of time only when L is sick.
75) When B is gone/overworked/not as much help due to his work, we always have the same fight which ends with me telling him to quit work.
76) Then I secretly pray he DOESN’T quit work because I don’t want to lose The Wife.
77) I think I will need to be committed if the Wife ever decides to quit on us.
78) Therefore I go out of my way to be overly generous (ie. she gets paid vacation time, whatever food she wants, etc).
79) Someone told B that he was too easy on me because he “let” me get The Wife.
80) It was at a party. I didn’t want to embarrass the host.
81) B thought my head was going to explode. So did I.
82) I just curtly informed the man that B doesn’t LET me do anything, especially considering I make three times as much as he does and therefore it is MY money that pays for the Wife.
83) Oh, I didn’t mention that before -- yeah, it rarely comes up these days anymore.
84) B so doesn’t care that I make more.
85) And I have come to realize that I would rather live with him when he is doing a job he likes then one that pays more but that he doesn’t like.
86) Although some days I regress and get annoyed that I HAVE to work.
87) Talking about working, it makes my blood boil when someone says that women should give up work to stay home -- why WOMEN???? Didn’t the men have some involvement in conceiving the child?
88) B was a SAHD for 8 months.
89) It doesn’t work for us.
90) If he stayed home, I think we would be headed for a divorce.
91) Sometimes I wonder if we will remain married anyways -- we both have hot tempers and we bicker to communicate.
92) That makes my sister insane.
93) But then again, The Saint and my BILs relationship leaves me shaking my head too.
94) I think SAHMs have it a lot worse then I do.
95) Although I absolutely relished my time home with the boys, it is easier to go to work.
96) And the $$ I make from working isn’t bad either.
97) I do not understand the "not my kid mentality".

98) I think L is a far bigger brat than anyone else seems too.

99) I don't know whether that is good or bad.

100) But that mentality usually has me at odds with other moms.


nmbailey said...

Okay, I love that list! I was wondering if I could come up with 100 facts about me and I don't think I could. That was fun to read.

MomSmoo said...

did ya notice something missing? It was hard to come up with 100 and not mention swimming at all!

nmbailey said...

I thought that was good, but that is a big part of who you are. I'm afraid I couldn't come up with 100 no matter what.

Kandace said...

I loved the list! I'm going to do one NOW, which really means at midnight while the babes sleep!

KT Tunstall fires me up too!

mamaC said...

Your posts always make me cry lately! Don't worry, we will always be close, how could we not? We are both too stubborn to ever give up on each other! =) Now, if you start acting like someone else we used to know, that is a whole other story!! ;) I love you girl!!