Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today was a busy day for me -- best friend in labor and talking to her during contractions and starting a war (against me mind you) on a mommy board. *yawn* all in a days work.


I had worked up an entry about car seats and CR (to avoid any confusion -- among my family member and friends that read this, I cut and pasted my evilness in the entry below this one) and all of that, but apparently people are starting to feel that I am making decisions or doing things because I:

1) need attention (at least I THINK that is what it was/ lots of "oh I know the real reason behind this" and cry for attention, blah blah. I am told I am YAGE-ing. Beats me what that means, didn't feel like finding out -- let me know if you know!)
2) I am still suffering based on something that happened somewhere else, with someone else.

Confused yet?! Yeah, so was I. Thank God someone filled me in on the inner workings of my brain.

Here the gist -- me = pissed off about my words being twisted about a post I made on mommy board 1. Apparently, I am so damn snobby that the more you spend the better mommy you are (for those that know me in real life -- please stop the hysterical giggling, you are scaring those around you. Trust me -- I KNOW. It is mindboggling). So I write a post on Mommy board 1, referencing the car seat thing, but that also pertained to excessive whining about a variety of issues. Mainly it was -- stop the whining and own up to your own choices and stop putting your issues on me. Snobby bitch, aren't I!

Anyways, so now the people that have found their way over to here... well lets just say they think that post was because of this blog.

Yep -- if you weren't hysterically laughing before, you are now.

Maybe if they read this post or this one, they might get a better idea, but hey...

Oh and apparently I have called this same group of woman bitches somewhere. Search me. Would love to link you there, but can't seem to find it.

OMG -- they think an attorney is bothered by conflict. Dear God!

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