Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lil' Gators

My kids have a choice to make in about 16/18 years:

1) do I want mom and dad to pay for college
2) do I want to go to a college other than University of Florida?

And I am only half serious (they will have an option of ASU as a good friend is a cop in Tempe, and a frequent commentor here, so I know he will keep my boys on hopefully a short leash. Todd you listening?? I am being literal too -- leash their asses to their desks or something. Lord, if they are anything like their parents.... well God help them. If he retires, well, then they are back down to just one option.). Well, I will promise that I will never send a check to Tallahassee -- on that I am dealthy serious!

I have lots of stories from my time at UF. Mostly good, some awful and some that would make your eyes bleed to read about, but when it comes down to it, it couldn't have been a better growing experience for me. I am a die hard Gators fan -- easy to be in a year when you win 2 national titles! So bad that B has to leave the house when I watch a Gators game and I am determined to teach L the Gator Chomp by his second birthday.

Needless to say, my kids are already paying the price of their mom's die-hard obsession:

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nmbailey said...

I must say, those are probably the second cutest set of lil gators around. Ours would be the first =) And how funny that if it were up to Todd, our kids would end up at ASU also!