Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is it bad...

... when L eats much healther with the nanny then with us? An example of The Wife's breakfast for him is sliced cucumber from our garden (maybe we can get credit for it since we grew it after all), cheese and a pancake -- probably whole wheat! Our breakfast of champions for the kid -- a donut (and a banana is mom is doing the feeding, the fruit is forgotten when B feeds him).

... when the boys go to the park/play outside more with The Wife then with us? The Wife insists that, weather permitting, the boys get at least 1 hour of fresh air. I love the rule. Too bad their fresh air with me is being blown in through the windows of the minivan while I run errands with them.

... when the whole speech delay evaluation process started I filled in The Wife about it and now L says just as many words in Spanish as he does in English.

... that R will take a bottle of room temp milk from her, but screams his bloody head off if B or I try to give him a similar bottle? We need to make it nice and toasty for him to take it from either of us.

... that I don't care about any of this stuff because even though it isn't "my way", L and R adore The Wife and are so well cared for and loved that my heart swells with affection for The Wife every time she walks in the door?

I am working on a post about the damn Mommy boards and car seats and consumer reports and people being just too God damn insecure in their decisions that they are freaks about stuff, but there is lots of swearing involved and I am just pissed beyond belief right now, so I am attempting to take some time to just calm the hell down.

Not to mention I have this thing call WORK. Seems to seep lots of spare time from me.

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Kirsten said...

Sounds similar to what we have going on. She behaves like an angel for anyone who isn't her parents. I think she is trying to kill us. Good luck to you sweet pea.