Monday, July 23, 2007

Mixed bag

Friday was L's evaluation. And just to prove that interpretation is everything here is what my thoughts were walking away and what B's thoughts were:

Me: L is delayed 8 months. He is a "smart cookie", but has the speech of a 12m old and they highly recommend speech therapy, getting him into play groups, Gymboree to be around other kids and starting sign language with him. So we delayed way longer than we should have. I started asking about speech at 15 months and here it is 5 months later and we have done nothing. Also, pulling him out of daycare was not a great idea since he now needs to be around other kids. And 8 months -- he is only 20m old. That is like being 2/5th behind! That is a lot for a little guy.

B: L is fine. He is delayed in speech and advanced in other areas. A little speech therapy and spending time with other kids and he will be good as new.

Officially these were the evaluators words: He is solid on his 9-12m skill and has scattered skills from 12m and on. He is quite advanced in some areas (physically, etc), but his verbal speech and comprehension is delayed.

Then just to add to the mix and make me feel like more of an ass, guess who is proving to be a freaking GENIUS when it comes to sign language! I picked up a book this weekend (although WHY I went to the bookstore with two kids the day Harry Potter was released really goes to show my level of intelligence) and L has already mastered 2 words -- more and all done. Seriously, I now feel like a shit for not trying sooner. He is always using hand signals (shushing you and waving you over when he wants you to "come here").

Oh well, just another fleeting case of mommy guilt.

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nmbailey said...

I'm so glad he is learning to sign. That should start to make things easier for all of you. Please keep me posted on his progress and don't forget you can call anytime if you need to talk.