Monday, July 16, 2007

Chanting "Pee pee on the potty, pee pee on the potty!"

I feel the need to tell you all the great things L has done recently, especially since my last few posts have been a bit down when it comes to him.

He has given up pacifiers (when B doesn't cheat and try to sneak him one -- Daddy is a softy).
He pee pee's on the potty every day after his afternoon nap.
He is an awesome share-r.
He is getting more and more gentle with his brother.
He will shush you if R is sleeping (although he himself kinda sucks about being quiet and wakes R up more times then not).
He has learned to kick in the water and will put his face in and blows bubbles.
AND he also still naps for 3 sanity reviving hours everyday.

I had more heartmelting moments with him this weekend. Esp the pee pee on the potty ones. How did he get to be so big! He is adorable about it though... you have to leave him alone in the bathroom for him to actually pee and he usually gets more pee on the floor then in the toilet, but he is trying and I couldn't be prouder. Of course every time he pees I make a HUGE deal outta it, we dance around singing pee pee on the potty, we call grandparents and aunts and he gets a treat. Generally, I make a complete ass outta myself, but if I can get this kid outta diapers by 2, I will GLADLY continue to act the part of a fool.

On a side note, amalah's little boy is starting the early intervention program too. Send her some love during this rough time.


nmbailey said...

So should I be jealous that my daughter is older than your son and she isn't sitting on the potty? It IS a competition, right? =)

Shanen said...

Nicoles blog sent me to you. I can't wait to potty train a boy. Someone told me not too long ago to put cheerios in the water and try to "sink" them. =) Might work!!