Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No title for this one... For some reason the computer hates me today. This is a common malady for me. And no, I do not think it is the user. I mean it is just the 3 computers I use on a regular basis, the only consistant being ME, but no, it is totally the computers fault.

Anyways, onto what I planned on posting about... L! He is finally giving up the pacifier. Not of his chosing of course, but hey, what kind of mean mommy would I be if I just left the poor kid alone with his source of comfort, right?? Actually, it has been pretty easy. Nap time is a breeze and he doesn't complain at all. Night time is a bit different and it is more of a yelling/bemoaning the fact that his evil parents are torturing him and gesturing wildly to the various places that he has previously thrown/hidden/found pacifers in the past. To borrow a phrase from Linda, he yells it out. 3-5 minutes of it and then he realizes, screw this, I am tired and going to sleep.

Now, if only he would stop ripping them out of R's mouth on the very very few times that we give R a pacifer... Guess that will come.

Oh and most importantly HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to my beautiful niece Ryann. I was busy watching your older sisters while you took your sweet time coming into this world (my sisters labors were 7 hours, 9 hours and 2 days!!! The Saint apparently wanted to go against the grain.) and loved every minute of it. XOXOXO to you.

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