Friday, July 6, 2007

Mastitis and Thrush

could my week get any better? Sunday, Monday and even part of Tuesday I was down for the count with a bout of mastitis. For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of that little ailment, let me give you a summary...

Labor/Contractions, hell even the 42 hours of back labor with L, the first few weeks with an infant waking every 2 hours, even my 4 week long bout with mono where I couldn't even walk to the bathroom without having to lay down and sleep... CAKEWALK to mastitis! On Sunday, I laid in the basement for a while just praying that I could die.

Anyways, antibiotics kicked that bugs ass and now I am onto thrush. Shooting pain in my boob, cracked and itchy nipple, blah blah blah blah. Oh the fun. Gonna try a nipple cream the lactation consultant recommended, but if that doesn't work, we are on to the fun purple-monster making genetian violet.

And right now, I can only imagine the searchs that will cause THIS post to pop up!

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Kirsten said...

Oh girl! I know it sucks! SO MUCH! I think that the gentian violet did help somewhat, but the fluconozole (sp) did the ass kicking.

I wish I had the too much milk problem! And I was all cocky with my measly 200 oz! But I don't work outside the home so I don't have to use my precious milk too often. Nursingwas actually one of the reasons I stopped working after my 1st was born. I realized I would have to stop breastfeeding at only 3 months because I don't let down for the pump. Thank God I have an awesome Lactation Consultant who saved my bacon and helped me work it out.

I think our kids are about the same ages, mine are 23 months and 3 months......