Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Holy Terror

Who would think behind this sweet face lies a hellion???

I may have mentioned this before, sort of, but I am ready for an official designation...

L -- he is a Holy fucking Terror! I would love to say I remain calm in dealing with his crap on a daily basis, but who the hell would I be kidding. My kid gets on my freaking nerves and then proceeds to jump up and down on them. Don't get me wrong, every day I look at him and think, oh my Lord, I love you so stinking much, but that is for about one nano second before the screeching, whining bastard emerges.

Yes, I realize that I have just refered to my eldest as a bastard, Holy Terror, but honestly, the things that I think to myself are much much much worse on any given day.

I am holding my shit together by increasingly thinner strands and I really need to figure out the way to deal with him. Strong willed child -- um, YEP -- that would be L.

And before the internet jumps on my ass, I am a good mom, just honest. I don't beat my child, heck, I barely spank him (although I absolutely did the day he ran out of the house and out into our street -- then I promptly bought even more childproofing items because Christ Almightly I have McGyver child who has figured out door locks at 17 months FUUUUUUUCK), although I am not opposed to the idea. Timeouts are starting to become more for my sanity then his discipline and I need to figure who what to do to make the child just stop whining.

Sorry -- I need to get this off my chest and I honestly don't think moms address the times when their children get on their last damn nerve enough. Everything I read is about how much I love my child -- look, see how cute, see how sweet, see how perfect (gag, puke). Listen, I know how much most mothers love their children, but please someone tell me what you do when you don't like them so much? L is turning into the bratty child that I said I never wanted (serves me right though).

Wonder if the The Saint wants to take on another child ... she probably has the patience too. Please return to sender when fixed though.

And yes -- R. He is still Mr. Perfect. Those second children are just the best thing ever.


Kirsten said...

You are too funny, I think those of us with two under two totally deserve to have those thoughts.

We have a no whine zone that exists everywhere but in her room. Goldie can whine all she wants, but she has to do it in her room. Also, she never EVER gets what she wants when she is whining. It has really worked for us and I don't have to get pissed, I just say "You can whine all you want, but do it in your room" she is starting to catch on.

Good Luck and sorry if that sounded like Assvice!

MomSmoo said...

That is the best assvice I have received yet for this little problem! THANKS!