Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Must haves...

What item is it that you have for your kid(s) that you know is totally pointless and probably a complete waste of money, but you just can't help yourself? For L it was a lot of things -- stuffed frogs (and OF COURSE his favorite stuffed animal is a puppy!), clothing, the bumbo -- although I wouldn't call that a waste of money at all as both boys have loved it.

For R, it is babylegs! Never heard of them? I hadn't either until my online mommy's group turned me onto them. R has 2 pair already and I am itching to buy more. B, thinks they are stupid, but honestly, I swear they help now that he is not swaddled. He went from sleeping 9 maybe 10 hours at night to 11 consistantly (ok, don't throw rocks at me, I have little to nothing to do with the fact that my exclusively breastfed baby sleeps through the night and has since 8 weeks. I know it isn't supposed to happen that way. Trust me, if I knew the trick, I would bottle it and retire a millionaire!).

Not to mention, R is utterly adorable in them:

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Kirsten said...

Girl you know I've got Ruby Doobie decked out in her baby legs. Cutest. Product.Ever.

Also, your little guy? Can I gobble him up? He looks delicious.