Friday, January 5, 2007

Consumer Reports = Mommy panic

*** I feel the need to disclose that I am not a fan of Consumer Reports. I never have been and under no circumstances will ever believe that they are unbiased. And this is my first post, so while we get to know each other, I feel the need to let you know where my biases are***

It is that time of year again. Consumer Reports just came out with yet another report on Infant Car Seats and the Mommy message boards have lit up with freaked out Mommy’s who now think they got a bad car seat. “Oh my, I relied on last years report when buying the Graco Superdooper Snuggly seat and now they have it ranked as unsafe. I need to return it immediately and get the Graco Even more Expensive seat with more Snuggly Foam.”

Should anyone point out to them that Consumer Reports many not be the end all be all in safety standards, the immediate response is “well they are unbiased because… well because THEY say they are.” SURE and I am not biased about the products that I bought for my son either, just because I say I am not.

After a few head banging exchanges, I usually hang up my message board chatting for the day and actually turn to work. Today -- I decided to finally join the ranks of Mommy Bloggers everywhere. Poor you. Now you must suffer through my rantings.

Give me a chance. I am sure I will get the whole putting links in the blog thing down. If I can’t figure it out -- I know two people here in my office that are experts, so fear not….

Until then, don’t run out to the stores to replace your perfectly good car seat based on one study by Consumer Reports. Remember -- they take 18 MILLION in donations a year (hmm, wonder where that money could come from… Graco just made a few million on the change of recommendations, so....) and their website is a treasure trove of their political backings/leanings/biases, etc. It is a scary scary place to me and I try to stay far far away from it.

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