Thursday, January 25, 2007

the plague...

well, not really the plague, but hey, the headline is catchier than L has a cold!

Got a call from daycare (that place really is the plague!) that L was running a temp on Wed. B picked him up and brought him home. He didn't "seem" off at all and we just chalked it up to teething (this from the woman that says there is no proof that teething causes a fever, blah blah, blah). Gave him some tylenol, let him play and put him to bed like normal.

He was up... ALOT... the kid that sleeps through WW3 was up!


Needless to say, I stayed home with sickie today. Actually didn't even try to work around the whining and crying. Did all sorts of sweet nurturing things with my babe, lots of cuddles and lots and LOTS of screaming from him.

Then his daddy came home. All of a sudden my clingy, cranky, miserable, screaming little man was giggling and laughing, happy as can be. TRAITOR.

Why is that? Why does the parent at home get the arm (you know the Heisman arm, where they push you away in favor of the more exciting parent)? It doesn't happen often for me since I am usually the one working late and rushing home to put the Bug to bed, but when it does happen it is heartbreaking.

Especially on a day when I did everything to comfort the kid and all he wanted was his dad.


MeesheMama said...

Wanted to say hey and let you know i'm currently a mom of 2 under 2, and it's an adventure for sure. I got PG with my #2 when my 1st was 10mos old. It was the most oops of oopses ever. I was pretty upset, and actually started my blog to help me deal with it. My "oopsie" is now 5 mos old, and i love him dearly, thank goodness, but every day is a new set of fun and trouble. I will keep checking on you! ~michelle

MomSmoo said...

Thanks Michelle. It took me a while to get "involved" in this pregnancy. Lucky B kept reminding me to just be an incubator for now and I could be a mom of 2 down the line.

Now -- I am finally looking forward to meeting #2. Good thing since it is less than 2 months away.