Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is this a bad day???

L is sick -- AGAIN. Puked several times in his sleep and I never heard a sound. Well that isn't true -- I heard him cough a few times (I am a super light sleeper) at about 430am, but other than that, nadda. So I start off the day feeling like a bad mommy.

Anyways, I find him drenched in puke and I am dressed and ready to leave for work. Get him cleaned up and then I get puked on -- TWICE. 3 loads of laundry later and quite a few clorox wipes I have the multiple piles of puke cleaned up. YEAH

At 1130 I decide to nuke a potato for L for lunch (plain, and not too rough on the tummy). I am changing his very nasty diaper, trying not to puke and I think "hmm, wonder who has a fire going today. Smells good." Come out to the kitchen to see it is infact my microwave that is now engulfed in flames. Throw L back in his crib, dose the flames, open all the windows to air out the house, just about pass out from smoke inhalation (yeah, smart day!), blah blah blah. Oh did I mention while all this is happening, I am on a WORK CALL!!!! Very very smart to shout "oh shit" in the middle of a call with a higher up. At least he seemed to understand that my house was currently in the middle of burning down if I didn't do something.

Call B who is 3 hours away at an overnight conference and ask when he will be home because I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. First make him promise to not call me a dumbass though because I am feeling like a moron.

Oh and did I mention, I slept like CRAP last night since B was out of town??? Why does that happen. I rarely sleep in the same room as him these days because I am a light sleeper and he snores like a chainsaw, but if he isn't here I don't sleep either.

I think I need to go back to bed. But alas, I have about 15 projects up in the air right now with work, so L is down for a nap and I am trying to cram an entire days work into a few hours. Oh and update my blog because Lord knows the internet wants to know about my bad day.

Oh and does this officially qualify as a "bad day" or is that over dramatic????

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