Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss me??

Holiday weekend/vacation week and I have been MIA -- sorry about that. Here are the developments this weekend, in bullet point

  • Friday -- L tried both Little Gym and Gymboree. Went batshit ballistic with the whole balls, basketball, bubbles, stuff at both places and the "tail" they gave him at Gymboree. We are at a loss as to which one to join -- he loved both. Decision needs to be made this week.
  • Friday -- B got off early and we did nothing that I can actually remember. Fun vacation day for us!
  • Saturday -- tried figuring out what to do with the boys. Ended up running errands instead of something fun. Attempted a trip to BRU to spend a gift card, found that we need NOTHING at all in that store. God Bless the fact we can use it at Toys R Us
  • Sunday -- outing at the zoo. L went batshit crazy again with the sea lions and the carousel. Although when the sea lions started barking he got scared. Weird, seeing as we have three dogs that in fact bark.
  • Sunday -- no nap for L. Made for an interesting evening. Spent some quality time camped out our bed with the boys. Love that. Had dinner out and had the restaurant totally in love with our "well behaved boys". We actually were told that a few times at the zoo. B and I are confused.
  • Monday -- started out with breakfast at the neighbors. Tons of fun and we may have found a "mothers helper" in the 13 year old neighbor. He was AWESOME at entertaining L. May hire him in a few weeks when we need to do the second round of canning (oh -- forgot to mention that before. B and I canned tomatoes -- tons and tons of tomatoes that the farmer in him grew -- anyone need some???).
  • Monday -- B also invited the entire neighborhood over for a BBQ, so between 1 and 6, the house was scrubbed, the office organized, the lonely refrigerator still hanging out in our living room found a home in the basement, I did all the side dishes and got a shower and got the boys ready.

All in all -- not a very restful long weekend, but it was a blast and L was still sleeping this morning at 8 when I had to leave for work.

On a much much sadder note though, we got a call Monday morning telling us that B's Uncle had suddenly passed away of an apparent heart attack. So our whole crew is heading to IL for the funeral this weekend. Please keep B's family in your thoughts. Poor Grandma P has to bury her son.

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