Thursday, September 27, 2007


Of the $386.83 I spent this weekend was returned. I know, I know. I shouldn't have felt guilty for shopping for myself, but I did, so back when the $70 shoes, the new jeans, another pair of shoes, a nursing bra, etc. etc. In my defense, I did keep a lot and the jeans weren't quite right anyways.

I am still debating over about $75 worth of stuff too. So yes, my entire "fall wardrobe" may come to a grand total of $65 or I may actually spend $140 on myself this year. While this doesn't amount to much in NYC spending, it is a step forward for me.

In other news... L started his speech therapy on Wed. The therapist is super sweet and L actually remained interested in her for about the first 30 minutes of the session, so that is great for a 2 year old. Hopefully he will get more and more comfortable with her and I will be able to work for a portion of that time.

Oh and back to the shopping thing... jeans? Any suggestions here?


Alicia said...

I have had the hardest time commenting on your blog lately. Keeps freezing up. Stupid Blogger.

I have the same issues with buying clothes for myself. I never buy anything unless it's hugely marked down and even then, I still feel guilty. Yet I don't bat an eye at a $50 outfit for one of the boys. Funny how that works, huh?

As for jeans -- I usually wear Old Navy or random brands I find at Target or Kohls. But they are admittedly way too low cut for my mom muffin top and I need to find a new style! *embarrassed*

nicole said...

I am just like that. I'll buy all sorts of stuff, and 90% of it gets returned. As for jeans, when you find an answer, let me know. The pairs I bought at Christmas came from Old Navy. They're too big now, but I loved how they fit then.

mamaC said...

i am a fan of NY & Co jeans but mostly cause i always get coupons for there.

as for the shopping, YOU DESERVE IT! you did push those kids out didnt you? not to mention the 2nd without meds and without a push present!! I do totally understand what you mean though, i feel like that a lot. only i just dont buy anything cause i know i am too lazy to return anything. LOL

Jennie Thomason said...

I have to agree, you DESERVE to spend a little money on yourself. But, I know it's tough.

Also, I think Emily with Not That You Asked did a jeans blog recently and got some great feedback in her comments section.

I suggested (over there and now here) that you go to Nordstroms and try on as many pairs as possible. They have great brands. And although some people disagree, GAP does offer some really classic styles that you can't go wrong with.

I think with jeans, you should be willing to spend a little extra. Think of ALL the wear you'll get out of them, and some jeans stay in style for YEARS and YEARS. So $100-150 may seem like a heart-stopping amount, but one great pair of jeans is worth more than 5-10 so-so pairs that don't make you feel that fabulous.

MommytoA said...

Ooh,if you find a place with jeans that fit right please do tell.It's a mystery to me.I used to get mine from Old Navy or NY & Co. but nothing works anymore.I still want Stacy & Clinton from WNTW to come for me.

I completely understand it being hard to shop for yourself.But,you work hard--at your job & home--I hope you treat yourself more soon.You deserve to.

That's so great about L. To sit there and pay attention for 30 min. is fantastic.Some adults don't have attention spans that long.I'm sure he's going to do awesome in his program.Give him a hug for me.

MomSmoo said...

Hey Jennie -- you wanna come watch my two while I shop?? I think that is half the problem. They are always with me so it is more of a grab and go and then try on at home thing! My CC couldn't handle the damage that I would do if I put a few pairs of jeans on it all over $100!! =)

I should mention I just ordered some jeans from Gap (on clearance), so we will see if those fit "right".

momtob&d said...

I have just as hard of a time shopping for myself. Seems I can always find clothes for the boys that I would rather spend the money on. I did however just find the best pair of jeans i have ever gotten. They are by Adriano Goldschmeid. They were supposed to be $160 but I got them for $35! Now I would never spend that much on jeans...but after getting them for such a deal I may consider if I ever need jeans again.