Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is it too much...

Is it too much to ask that

1) I have the patience to deal with L's constant whining and temper tantruming because he is only 2 and that is what 2 year olds do?
2) That you toddler not melt into a pile of tears over his brother getting a teething biscuit and not him? or purees, that L will not eat? or forcing his way onto my lap when I am nursing R? Or any 1 of a number of ways he exhibits his jealousy?
3) That I don't have to explain to another adult why allowing L leaning on the screen in the window is probably a bad bad idea (ie. concussion waiting to happen)?
4) That I actually have a consistant amount of work to do on a regular basis not lulls and lumps/dumps?
5) That my 6 month old start sleeping through the night again -- something he did regularly since 8 weeks?
6) That the LEGAL owner (that would be B) of the mangy creatures that inhabit my house actually clean up their feces so the children can play in the yard?
7) That my co-workers don't get bit by the neighbors insane dog and the neighbor just blows it off (oh tell him No!)???!!!
8) That I get paid the same amount, if not more, for doing less work and having set hours?
9) That I be cloned so I can be all things to all people -- ie. full time/devoted employee, full time/devoted wife and full time mom to each of my boys individually?

That last one was too much huh?

Ok, never mind then, I will just say it IS too much.

Oh and L is officially 22 months today! Dear God, he will be 2 soon.


nicole said...

If you find a way to get all that patience, please let me know. I'm running on fumes around here myself. Although it's not just my two year old. It's my 32 year old too! =) Can you believe L will be two? I can't because that means Isaac will be one! Yikes.

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I'm 100% with you on needing more patience for my incredibly whiney 2 year old and with hubby needing to keep up with the insane amount of dog poo so we can actually use our own yard for something other than a dog toilet.

MommytoA said...

Nope,not too much to ask at all.2 yr olds are an incredibly diff. & difficult species (yes,species).I'm learning to choose my battles.The screen--completely self-explanatory.One day at a time girl,one day at a time. ((HUGS))
Oh,and thanks for dealing w/my incredibly crazy e-mails & meltdowns.I appreciate it.